24. May 2022

Safe or Not Safe Quiz #2 – Password Protection

Is this safe? Continue to test your functional safety knowledge in the second question of our Safe or Not Safe quiz!
10. May 2022

Safe or Not Safe Quiz #1 – E-Stop Button

Have you got what it takes to be a functional safety expert? Find out now in our first Safe or Not Safe quiz question!
11. April 2022

Safe Evaluation of Digital Inputs

In this bel.academy video Igor Bogomolni explains topics such as redundancy, dormant errors, and methods using the example of an electronic circuit for the safe evaluation of sensor signals . The video builds on the previous video “How to build a Safety Digital Input” and connects directly to it. We recommend watching this video first.
25. November 2021

Brinkmann Electronic Berlin and Kontron Become Business Partners

In the context of the market development of Industry 4.0, functional safety is becoming a focus for more and more manufacturers of industrial electronics. Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT / Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), has also noticed this growing need and will therefore be offering safety solutions in the future. The company has chosen the independent research and technological development provider Brinkmann Electronic Berlin (BEL), an expert in industrial safety, as its strategic partner for this purpose.
31. August 2021

How to build a Safety Digital Input?

After Igor talked about the safe state in the first part of our second bel.academy episode, the second part is about building a safety digital input.
18. August 2021

Are your Safety Systems protected against Cyber Security Attacks? (German)

Are your safety systems sufficiently protected against cyber security attacks? - Safety & Security in automation technology - This is the topic our safety expert Bernd Bartmann talks about during his presentation at the Safety & Security 2021 forum. Please note that the presentation is in German.